Wednesday, May 8, 2024 EF-1 Tornado

On the evening of Wednesday, May 8, 2024, a confirmed EF-1 tornado barrelled through downtown Huntsville, wreaking havoc in parts of the Old Town, Twickenham, Blossomwood and Five Points communities. Our beloved Maple Hill Cemetery was severely affected. Several large trees were uprooted or felled, and hundreds of monuments were damaged and broken. Additionally, a part of the beautiful stone wall on the northwest corner of the cemetery has completely crumbled due to an uprooted tree.


We are grateful that no one in our area was seriously injured or killed. The resilience of Huntsvillians is one of the things we love most about this community. It has been inspirational to see so many people come together in the aftermath of the storm to clean up, rebuild, and show love to our neighbors. 


The mission of the Huntsville Pilgrimage Association is to raise funds for the restoration and preservation of Maple Hill Cemetery (more info about that here). We have one annual fundraiser, the Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll, and we rely on the generous donations of the public to continue our work. Undoubtedly, we have much work ahead of us as a result of this devastating storm and we are asking for your help. While Maple Hill will never look the same again in our lifetime, it is our responsibility to restore as much of this special historic cemetery to its pre-storm glory. We ask that you consider helping us in our mission. No donation is too small. 


With sincere gratitude, 

The Huntsville Pilgrimage Association