Angels of Maple Hill Cemetery

Dear Friends,


The Mayor’s Office and the Huntsville Pilgrimage Association have long been jointly committed to the preservation and appreciation of the historic heritage of Huntsville and Madison County. The HPA was formed in 1985 to advance these goals, and a current and vital concern is the restoration of the grounds, monuments and ornamental metalwork in the historic areas of Maple Hill Cemetery, a continuing project with the Cemetery Department of Huntsville.


It is with this shared interest and dedication that we advance a program designed to unite and inspire the many citizens who value the remarkable history associated with Maple Hill, and who we believe will welcome the opportunity to support the Pilgrimage Association in its quest to preserve and restore this beautiful Huntsville treasure.


The “Angels of Maple Hill Cemetery” was established in 2011 by the Pilgrimage Board of Directors to promote pride, respect and renewed interest in restoring this time-honored place, and to generate funds to assure its maintenance for our children and grandchildren to visit for generations to come. This treasured historic area touches the lives of many, past and present, in our community.


Previously, the Pilgrimage has generated funds through Home Tours and Cemetery Strolls to cover restoration efforts and these two events will continue. Restoring a single monument can cost $600 or more. In the 30 years since it was founded, the HPA has spent nearly $350,000, restoring more than 1600 monuments and fence. Much has been accomplished, yet much remains to be done. Your contribution to the “Angels of Maple Hill Cemetery” will greatly enhance the HPA restoration efforts.


As “Angels of Maple Hill” you will receive semi-annual newsletters with updates and informative articles highlighting personalities and monuments of historic interest. Your $35 annual Angel enrollment donation to Huntsville Pilgrimage Association is renewable each January and all donations are tax-deductible, including additional contributions (which will be most welcome). 


Together we appeal to your recognition and respect of this extraordinarily special piece of Huntsville’s history by becoming an important part of its future. Become an “Angel of Maple Hill.” Return your enrollment form, with your contribution, today.



Tommy Battle, Mayor of Huntsville

Margaret Milford, President Huntsville Pilgrimage Association

Where your donations go...

How your donations support Maple Hill Cemetery

Do you know or have you ever wondered what the funds donated to HPA and the Angels of Maple Hill are used for? Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful donors, over the last three decades, HPA has funded almost $400,000 in restoration to Maple Hill Cemetery. In recent years,


Thank you!

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