Maple Hill
Cemetery Stroll


Cemetery Stroll FAQ:

The Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll is held the 3rd Sunday each October! Festivities begin at 1:30PM with the Grand Stroll and lasts until 4:30. You can come and go as you please!

Buses will pick-up from the parking garage at Holmes and Greene. Additional parking is available in the nearby Clinton Avenue Parking Garage.

The Cemetery Stroll is FREE but donations are encouraged and welcome! You can donate online here.

Yes! The cemetery stroll is a family friendly event and educational – not scary. Historical characters are portrayed by volunteers who share the stories of the interesting people who now call the cemetery their home.

There is even a scavenger hunt for kids!

We recommend bringing sunscreen, water, and wearing comfortable clothing and shoes!

To protect the safety and comfort of our guests, pets/dogs are not allowed. Cigarettes/vapes/e-cigarettes are not allowed per the City. 

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About the Huntsville Pilgrimage Association

Early in 1984, a group of interested persons met to consider organizing a Huntsville Pilgrimage Association. This organization, if formed, should be of such a nature as to be of interest to local people, as well as to groups from around the state and adjoining states.

To discuss the feasibility of such an undertaking, the group asked the Madison County Tourism Director and the Director of the Huntsville Convention and Visitors Bureau to meet with them to lend their expertise to the group’s thinking and on June 25, 1984, an organization was formed and plans began for the first pilgrimage to take place April 13-14, 1985.

Although many changes have been initiated since 1985, the Association feels it has met its goal each year in presenting historical facts to the public. The Association has been most fortunate to have wonderfully civic-minded homeowners so graciously open their homes for tours. The Association realizes that only with the cooperation of many can it present a living picture of history to the public.

Angels of Maple Hill Cemetery

The “Angels of Maple Hill Cemetery” was established in 2011 by the Pilgrimage Board of Directors to promote pride, respect and renewed interest in restoring this time-honored place, and to generate funds to assure its maintenance for our children and grandchildren to visit for generations to come. This treasured historic area touches the lives of many, past and present, in our community.

Previously, the Pilgrimage has generated funds through Home Tours and Cemetery Strolls to cover restoration efforts and these two events will continue. Restoring a single monument can cost $600 or more. In the 30 years since it was founded, the HPA has spent over $350,000, restoring more than 1,600 monuments and fence. Much has been accomplished, yet much remains to be done. Your contribution to the “Angels of Maple Hill Cemetery” will greatly enhance the HPA restoration efforts.

As “Angels of Maple Hill” you will receive semi-annual newsletters with updates and informative articles highlighting personalities and monuments of historic interest. Your $35 annual Angel enrollment donation to Huntsville Pilgrimage Association is renewable each January and all donations are tax-deductible, including additional contributions.

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